We’re on a mission to disrupt finance

Finance is broken. Too many components in the financial ecosystem are built on an outdated infrastructure and littered with unnecessary middlemen whose only function is to skim money off the top of every transaction. We envision a future where financial instruments are accessible, transparent, cost-efficient, and always evolving to best meet people’s needs. We’re focused on leveraging technology to help drive towards that future.

We’re on a mission to <span class="text-primary">disrupt finance</span>

Blockchain + Finance = Awesome

We are big believers in blockchain technology. We think it will eventually power and reshape the world of finance. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just the beginning. From digitizing equity and debt instruments to making cross border payments instant and seamless, we are still at the very beginning of using this incredible technology to push industry forward. The Pieslice team is committed to figuring out ways to use blockchain technology to reinvent broken financial processes.

Blockchain + Finance = <span class="text-primary">Awesome</span>