We make it easy to create fully compliant digital tokens that represent equity in a company

Pie Protocol

A framework of Smart Contracts for issuing and managing digital securities on the Stellar blockchain.


Why tokenize?


Ownership in private companies has traditionally been an illiquid asset class limited to company founders, employees, and investors (typically very wealthy individuals or venture capital funds). Even if you are lucky enough to own stock in an up and coming startup, you have to wait, sometimes for many years, for an opportunity to sell your stock, usually through an IPO or structured liquidity event.

Tokenized equity can be easily transferred to another person or traded on an exchange. Ownership can be easily tracked as every transaction is recorded on an immutable public blockchain.

Moving ownership to the 21st century

We believe blockchain technology has the power to revolutionize financial instruments all over the world. Tokenizing equity opens up a plethora of new and exciting possibilities for both Issuers and Shareholders. Our goal is to help unlock this value for both sides.